From Reality and Back

Alex Sipiagin
  • Alex Sipiagin: trumpet
    Seamus Blake: tenor saxophone
    Gonzalo Rubalcaba: piano
    Dave Holland: bass
    Antonio Sanchez: drums
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5Passion # - Release Date:

Track List:

  1. Around The Bend
    With The Tide
    From Reality And Back
    End Of...
    Here And Now
    Chain Reaction
    Son, Uvedny Posle
    The Maze.

From Reality And Back comes off as notable before a note of music ever reaches the ears. In fact, this album presents itself as a bit of a jazz PR dream: bassist Dave Holland makes a rare sideman appearance here, guitarist Pat Metheny contributed an original written strictly for this project (“Son, Uvedeny Posle”), and the rest of the band is rounded out by A-listers like pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, whose label—5passion—serves as the record’s home. After hearing all of that, it’s tempting to say that trumpeter Alex Sipiagin is supremely lucky, but luck has little to do with this album’s merits; better—or more accurate—to say that Sipiagin is skilled, motivated, talented and determined.