Good Hope

Crosscurrents: Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain & Chris Potter
  • Dave Holland - double bass
  • Zakir Hussain - tabla
  • Chris Potter - saxophones
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Edition #EDN1136 - Release Date: October 11, 2019

Track List:

  1. Ziandi 7.23
  2. J Bhai 8.18
  3. Lucky Seven 10.46
  4. Suvarna 8.01
  5. Island Feeling 7.12
  6. Bedouin Trail 7.42
  7. Good Hope 8.20
  8. Mazad 8.39

Under the collective group name of Crosscurrents Trio, Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain and Chris Potter release Good Hope, a monumental and exceptional album that will inspire and excite a global audience for its formidable display of virtuosity, brilliance and sophisticated musical language. An international supergroup featuring giants of American and Indian music, Good Hope is masterfully crafted, an inspired and generous album that displays a clarity and intensity of vision with a deep desire of mutual respect for collaboration and sharing a love of this music.