Give It Up

Bonnie Raitt

Released on 1972-09-04 (Rhino/Warner Bros. catalog # WB-2643)

Track Listing:

  1. Give It Up or Let Me Go (4:30)
  2. Nothing Seems to Matter (4:05)
  3. I Know (3:47)
  4. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody (3:00)
  5. Love Me Like a Man (3:12)
  6. Too Long at the Fair (2:58)
  7. Under the Falling Sky (3:45)
  8. You Got to Know How (3:36)
  9. You Told Me Baby (4:12)
  10. Love Has No Pride (3:47)

Personnel: Bonnie Raitt (vocals) (acoustic, electric, steel, 12-string guitars) (piano) (harmonica); Paul Butterfield (harmonica); Kal David (guitar); Terry Eaton (tenor saxophone); Peter Eckland (cornet); Freebo (bass) (tuba) (12-string guitar) (fretless bass); Amos Garrett (guitar) (trombone); Marty Grebb (alto saxophone) (tenor saxophone); John Kingsley Hall (electric guitar) (steel guitar); John Hall (guitar) (background vocals); Dave Holland (bass); Mark Jordan (piano) (keyboards) (electric piano) (vibraphone); Eric Kaz (piano) (vibraphone) (background vocals); Wells Kelly (conga) (drums) (bells) (cowbell) (background vocals); Jackie Lomax (vocals) (background vocals); Tim Moore (vocals) (background vocals); Chris Parker (drums); John Payne (clarinet) (soprano sax) (tenor sax) (wind); Merl Saunders (piano); Gene Stashuk (cello); Lou Terriciano (piano); T.J. Tindall (electric guitar); Jack Viertel (guitar) (steel guitar); Dennis Whitted (drums).

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