For Players Only

Leroy Jenkins w. J. C. O. A.

Released on 1975-01-30 catalog # JCOA 1010)

Track Listing:

  1. For Players Only, Pt. 1 (15:45)
  2. For Players Only, Pt. 3 (20:35)

Personnel: Leroy Jenkins (violin); Roger Blank (percussion); Joseph Bowie (trombone); Charles Brackeen (soprano sax); Anthony Braxton (contrabass clarinet); Jerome Cooper (percussion) (piano) (drums); Bill Davis (tuba); James Emery (guitar); Romulus Franceschini (synthesizer); Sharon Freeman (french horn); Becky Friend (flute); Dave Holland (bass); Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (tenor sax); Diedre Murray (cello); Dewey Redman (clarinet); Charles Bobo shaw (percussion) (drums); Sirone (bass); Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet).

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