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For those who have been following me @thedaveholland on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace probably know a new website has been under construction for some time.  Well,  it’s finally here.  Finally. I think it gives everyone a good idea of who I am as an artist, what I have done so far and most importantly — where I intend to go.

Along with the launch of the site, I am also launching my new Archive Series.  Volume. 1 is a collection of live quintet performances from our world tour in 2007.  To celebrate, we’re offering a 320 KBPS MP3 download of the record for $1 for 1 week  (ending 2/15).  The album is 1 hour long so with all the 1’s – $1 seemed fitting.  You can stream it for free too and share it with friends.  So if you like it, please considering buying a copy!

Beyond that is a good deal to explore.  We have begun the process of building a comprehensive discography.  Most entries have audio clips – about 2 or so hours worth of music in total.     Almost all of my compositions are available for download as PDFs — lead sheets, quintet scores, and big band scores w/ transposed parts, so far. Sextet and Octet music is on the way too.   There are also selected solo transcriptions.

Given that the site is new, there are bound to be things which need to be tweaked, fixed or filled in.  If you see anything that we need to correct or perhaps could be made better, please don’t hesitate to let my team know – email us at

Finally, I would like to thank Greg Ipp at We Are Familiar and Garrett Shelton at Shelton Media Works for their hard work in building the site, and to my manager, Louise Holland, for her continued guidance. As always, thanks to my wife, Clare, who has always been such an important partner and adviser in my musical journey.




  1. Eugene says:

    Great site, though it takes a while to maneuvre with all the bells and whistles! After listening to your music for so many years, it was great to finally see the Quintet in concert in DC at Blues Alley and get to meet you. Life Cycle on steady rotation now at my house…I finally got a CD re-issue, since my original cassette copy is really worn out! One of my favourite recordings, brings back so many memories. Best wishes, Gene.

  2. Billbass says:

    The Quintet’s Archive download sounds great. As usual the Quintet brought their A game to these shows. Last time I saw the band was in Kentucky about five years ago.
    Are you going to do any shows in the South ? It’s been a long time. Hope Volume 2 comes out soon !

  3. David Zehring says:

    We’ve loved your music for many years, own 14 of your recordings, even drove for 4 1/2 hours to Albuquerque to see and hear the quintet a few years ago. Don’t stop making CDs. I don’t download since I don’t have broadband up here in the mountains. We get to NYC twice a year, and we’re hoping to see you again one of these days. We have seen Chris (Underground) twice at the Vanguard.

  4. Jean-Guy says:

    Awesome, I am one of your facebook fans…
    I saw you a few times in the Festival de Jazz de Montréal.
    Will you be here this year?
    Looking forward to buy your new cd…
    Great Site…
    From Montreal, Canada


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